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Dev Card

Your Dev Card is your Hello World tag that you send out to the world. Think about how your profile reads on different social media platforms, name, location, website, email and bio. Set these in one place and push them to your chosen platforms.

Launch platforms include Twitter and GitHub. Planned integrations include, LinkedIn, CopePen, Twitch and Stackoverflow.

Of course your profile is nothing without a cheesy snap of your lovely face. Powered by Cloudinary, you can save your profile picture and cover image in the correct formats for each platform.

Having all this information in one place and being able to edit it and be consistent across all platforms will increase your social reach and findability.

Domain Boss

You're a dev right? You love buying domains! Search for the perfect domain for that dream project, then buy it, sell it or actually use it and make that project! You're the boss of your domains, manage them the way you see fit, all from your dev pack.

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